MILO Educates Mothers on their Children's Nutritional Needs using Mobile
Understanding Consumers, Engaging with Customers, Acquiring New Users

About MILO

Launched in Australia in the early 1930s, the MILO brand takes kids' development seriously. It has long been known as an energy beverage strongly associated with sports and good health. Tasty and trusted, MILO brand is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. In Indonesia1, MILO's commitment continues to inspire millions of children to grow actively and helps their growth and development. The combination of malt, milk and cocoa in MILO makes it a delicious drink and adds energy to meet the needs of children throughout the day. 


Million Indonesian Mothers Reached 
Better Engagement

The Brand Objective

In October 2019, MILO launched the Nutri-Up program, which aims to invite parents in Indonesia to help understand the facts of real Nutrition for their children. The real challenge, as they saw, was to help mothers understand the nutritional requirements of their children for the most important meal of the day – mid-day lunch. In addition to providing education about the correct nutrition needed by children, MILO also wanted to facilitate the discovery of their products online and in nearby stores.

The Solution

Milo leveraged the InMobi advertising platform to engage with Mothers in Indonesia and to deliver maximum impact. It involved 4 important aspects: 

1. Polygon Targeting to Reach Mothers in Indonesia

The brand leveraged geo level polygons to understand the audience visit patterns at their key places of interest in the past 90 days. Thus, identifying women and mothers between the age of 25 to 45 years interested in parenting, health, and lifestyle. The location polygons were deployed at the following places:  Supermarkets, Residential Areas, Kindergarten & primary schools, Shopping Malls, Mini markets.


2. A Single View of the Audience for a Connected Journey 

Key parameters like peak hours, appographic usage, ad creative preference, and peak in-store footfall times are considered to amplify the reach of the campaign and connect with audiences as per their preferences. 



3. Time Targeting for Precise Reach 


With an accurate understanding of the moments where the audience is more receptive, Milo reached their audiences with relevant communication at any given time of the day. The brand delved into finding the apps that the mothers always use to maximize visibility and engagement. 


4. Ad Gamification Experience  

The consumers participated in a ‘Lunch Box Challenge’ through a gamified video ad experience. Consumers could ‘drag and drop’ the ingredients of their kids’ daily meal within the ad unit, which included the all-time favorite choices of Indonesian mothers – bread, omelet, meat, and veggies. Upon selection, the ad unit immediately calculated and displayed the current nutritional value of their child’s mid-day meals. And, in the case the nutrition value was low, the Mothers were prompted to ‘Maximize’ the nutritional value by clicking on a CTA at the end of the gamified experience by adding Milo to the meal. Thus, helping mothers meet 100% of their children’s’ nutritional needs in a day. 

To capture any purchase intent, the ad unit enables the viewers to purchase ‘MILO’ through the ad integrated to the e-commerce website or allows the user to see the nearest store location on the map to purchase the product.  

Directs the user to MILO Tokopedia official e-commerce store
Directs to the nearest Alfamart or Indomart (offline store through maps)

The Results

In just two weeks the campaign recorded 5.4 Million impressions. The gamified experience proved successful with 2X higher ad interaction rates, and around ~200,000 mothers participated in the challenge, mostly they joined on weekends.
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