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InMobi Japan Announces 2nd Survey of Media Usage in Japan

投稿日 December 13, 2012
By Tetsuo Kaji

Average time in contact with media is 5.9 hours per day.
The time mobile terminals accessed media was 1st (97 minutes) over PCs and televisions

InMobi Japan has begun studying media usage in Japan (*1). The survey was conducted through the InMobi mobile advertising network for Japanese mobile Web users (*2) from September until October, 2012.(Valid responses: 1,010)

*1 Media usage: Use of mobile devices, watching television, use of PCs (desktop and notebook), reading newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio.
*2 Mobile Web: Using mobile devices (incl. smartphones) to access the Web.

Main survey results of the second survey

Use of media

     (watching television, listening to the radio, using PCs/mobile devices, etc.)
  • Approximately 5.9 hours/ day is spent in contact with the media.
  • Of the time spent on using media, 97 minutes (28%) is using mobile devices.
  • 58% of people use mobile devices while watching television. Of these, 39% use them to gather information on the programs they are watching and the goods and products introduced.

Use of mobile devices

  • 49% of people use mobile devices as the primary or only means of accessing the Internet.
  • As media determining purchases, mobile devices beat PCs to be ranked 2nd (44%) after television (53%).
  • 42% of people have indicated a tolerant stance toward mobile advertising like television and PC advertising (mobile advertising is less bothering me; mobile advertising is the same as television/PC).

Comparison with first survey (February 2012)

Use of media

  • Average time in contact with media is 5.9 hours per day. This increased by 0.7 hours compared to the first survey (5.2 hours).
  • Of this, use of mobile devices remained unchanged at 97 minutes, but the time spent watching television decreased by 17 minutes (first survey: 96 minutes)
  • The percentage of people using mobile devices while watching television rose from 36% to 58%.

Use of mobile devices

  • The percentage of people using mobile devices as the primary or only means of accessing the Internet rose from 45% to 49%.
  • Changes in purchasing behavior comes from mobile advertising (figures shown indicate change from first survey to second survey)
    • Obtained some new information: 20% → 52%
    • Obtained a better option: 12% → 49%
    • Was able to find a product nearby: 9% → 48%
    • Was able to reconsider whether a purchase should really be made: 11% → 47%
    • Had an impact on the decision to buy or not in a store: 11% → 43%
    • Had an impact on purchasing with a mobile device: 12% → 40%

Click below to view the infographic pdf of the survey:
Infographic pdf of the 2nd Survey of Media Usage in Japan

Infographic of the 2nd Survey of Media Usage in Japan